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Carl Gustave – Still Rollin’

Still Rollin’ is a collection of some of Carl Gustave’s best songs from previous albums. He is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer with a musical style spanning blues, jazz, rock, soul and reggae. He h...

Lost Bayou Ramblers – Mammoth Waltz

The Lost Bayou Ramblers from Pilette, Louisiana, recorded “Mammoth Waltz” at Dockside Studios in Maurice, LA. This album features numerous star guest appearances from, the Violent Femmes's Gordon Gano to actres...
Christine Salem

Christine Salem – Salem Tradition

An author-composer-performer with impressive charisma, Christine Salem, from Réunion Island, adds touches of Swahili and Arabic to Reunion Creole. Her new album entitled "Salem Tradition" is a tribute to her fi...
Brushy One String

Brushy One String – Destiny

Brushy’s very first studio album, Destiny was released in April 2013. The veteran musician evokes the sweetness of soul singers like Percy Sledge and Louis Armstrong, the grit and wit of a Delta blues-man, all ...