Central America a place filled with ancient history and culture

Central America

Central America

Central America offers tourists much to explore. In the form of the volcanoes that are at times active and ignited, and the “ancient” ruins, that are ideal for picture taking and discovering. Far from being just another “tourist resort”, there are rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, cities, and hypnotising scenery. The “Mayan” villages provide the snap shot into the regions strong cultural, religious and traditional way of living. When the trip is said and done, you will not be left alone, rather you’ll have present in your mind a mammoth of memories and pictures that are only found in Central America.

In “San Jose” you can find “La Foruna/Arenal”, a dormant volcano is the background scenery that will draw you in. Windsurfing can be done on “Lake Arenal”. Hiking can be carried out at the base of the volcanoes if you want to get in a quick work out, the bottom of the volcano lights up too in a red that is both striking and ghostly. Soaking in the hot springs is like taking a dip in the spa whirl pool, only completely packed with nature and natural majesty. After you have soaked your weary bones, take a swim for further leisure. The “La Foruna” waterfall is very romantic and demands your attention. So whether you want to take a bike ride, hike or relax in lucid waters you can do so, just don’t forget your sunscreen.

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