Creole cooking is many things. In addition to being delicious, satisfying and beautiful to look at; every dish has a story. Historically, some dishes were first prepared by American slaves. Others first came from countries like France and African nations. However, for those of us who love Creole food, one thing is for certain; there’s nothing like a good Creole meal to boost our spirits and remind us of the best times in our lives. However, did you know that scientists have discovered that the spices in Creole cooking can also aide in weight loss and provide other health benefits as well?

A Metabolism Booster

Though it’s exciting to learn that eating spicy foods can help to boost your metabolism, it’s important to keep in mind that adding a li’l fire to your plate isn’t the only thing you have to do to lose weight. The old rules still apply.

It’s still crucial to reduce your carbs and sugar; to exercise regularly; drink adequate water and to get enough sleep every night to lose weight. Many people find success by following simple weight loss regimens that consist of doable 30-minute exercise routines and easy-to-follow portion controlled recipes.

Now, You’ve Chosen a Diet Plan, Let’s Add the Habeneros!

Spices like black pepper, red chili pepper, ginger and cayenne pepper all contain capsaicin. When you consume these foods, science has proven that they increase your basal metabolic rate. For example, eating a bowl of chili con carne can boost your metabolism by 8%.

Just like with anything, it’s a numbers game. If you add spice to your meals and your snacks, you could boost your metabolism over 30% every day.
In addition, scientific research has proven that people who consume 1 to 3.5 grams of capsaicin daily boosts fat oxidation, (fat burning) and thermogenesis, (heat production) in their bodies.

However, doctors advise against consuming capsaicin supplements to create this effect. As with anything, consuming whole, natural food is the safest way to get nutrition.

An Anti-Inflammatory

Hot spices along with spices like turmeric can also have a healthy, anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Anti-inflammatory foods and herbs have been proven effective in combatting heart attack, pancreatitis, lung disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain and brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

In addition to boosting your metabolism and acting as an anti-inflammatory, hot spices can increase your libido as well. This can help motivate you to exercise and eat properly. Motivation also makes you lose weight faster and helps you to stick to your healthy living program long term.

by Lucy Wyndham