Sean Ardoin comes from a family with deep roots and traditions in Zydeco Music. Members of the Ardoin family have been recording Creole music for over 80 years. This rich tradition can be traced back to the cousin of Sean Ardoin’s grandfather (Bois Sec Ardoin), Amedé Ardoin and his seminal recordings of the ’20s and ’30s.

Sean began taking Zydeco seriously in the ’90s when he and his brother Chris formed their band, “Double Clutchin”. After the brothers split, in ’99, Sean formed, “Zydekool”, before venturing onto a new musical territory, Christian Zydeco, with his “R.O.G.K”. (Reflections of God’s Kingdom.) band.

Now, Sean is back to his roots with Return of the Kool album. In his first track, “In Here Tonite”, Sean proclaims “I’m back” and urges listeners to take to the dance floor.

There are a number of original, fast tempo tracks, such as “Y.O.G.O.S. (You Only Get One Shot)”, “Beautiful” and “Bayou Man”, which borrows from J. Paul’s “I’m a Texas Man”.

“Wide Open” and “Our Love”, on the other hand, are more calm, mid-tempo ballads, that make one wonder, Is it Zydeco?  Accordion is usually a main, lead instrument in Zydeco, however, Sean often takes a back seat allowing piano, organ, guitar and vocal harmonies to take the lead.

The album is completely different to the “Traditional” French music played by Amedé and Bois Sec Ardoin, but Sean continues his family’s tradition of setting the foundation for future generations.

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