St Lucia – A Caribbean Gem

St Lucia

St Lucia

As Caribbean islands go “St Lucia” is the place to live out your inner most fantasies. The island called “Helen of the West Indies” is a paradise, filled with breathtaking splendour and eloquent sites to behold.

With a mixture of French, African, Portuguese, English and Indian languages, you will be greeted by an affectionate “Bonjou” from the taxi driver after you get off your long/short haul flight. You’ll soon get accustomed to the slow, easy rhythm of life. Transporting you back to a nostalgic period in your life, where life was so easy and tranquil. When you didn’t have a care in the world, and the world was your oyster.

The several combinations of languages are the result of the “Creole culture” having a heavy impact to the island of “St Lucia”. Hence you’ll see the “Creole culture” that is manifested in the people and the many languages that have dominance.

“Island magazines” will often only show images of beaches and hotels. But “St Lucia” does have good travel accessibility also. The main centre for tourism where tourist flock is based in the area of “Rodney Bay”. Getting back and forth is made easy, with the use of cabs, taxis and many mini buses. All are very cheap ways of getting around, leaving you with more money for souvenirs and trinkets.

The “St Lucian” people also have a signature way of cooking; this is in part to the “Creole” influence, which is a blend of flavours, textures and spices. Authenticity is the main thing that you will uncover; it is far from dormant in “St Lucia”. With the array of sea dished and curries you will be spoilt for choice. When eating and shopping has occupied your day, why not dance the night away with parties, festivals and carnivals. This enchanted island of “St Lucia” is far from a chip off the old “travelling block”.

Critics may argue that all “Caribbean islands” are the same, and that the “travel magazines” paint them all in the same light. This is sometimes true, be it that one beach usually looks like any other random beach in the world, however pictures cannot encapsulate the depth of history, culture and tradition that is present. A painting may paint a thousand words, but it cannot transform you and reshape your previous ideals/ideology.

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