On the face of it, comparing Jamaica to Jamaican white rum really does seem a ridiculous prospect. After all, one is an island, a tourism product, while the other is merely an alcoholic drink, albeit of excellent quality. This isn’t even like comparing apples and oranges; more like worlds apart it could be said. Upon closer examination, however, the similarities they share are uncanny and quite interesting.

One of the similarities that Jamaica shares with its white rum is that they both have a serious cult following. Many vacationers from overseas make it a point of duty to visit the island at least once per year, and some have even bought properties there. Vacationing in other locales is just not an option for them. There have also been instances where visitors have “run off”, and have had to be deported, having overstayed their time. Jamaican white rum also has its set of loyal followers, and these “worshippers” do not give other alcoholic drinks a second thought. In the case of the Jamaican white rum though, it is not imbibed yearly, but far more frequently. Usually on a daily basis, with numerous sittings and servings! Its lovers have also been known to overstay their time where the drink is sold, and on occasion have had to be “deported” too.

Another area where similarities between Jamaica and Jamaican white rum stand out is in costs. The cost of a vacation in Jamaica is usually relative to where one is staying on the island, and the disparity can be quite large. Going to the island on an all-inclusive resort deal will cost up to double what it would had one stayed with friends just outside the resort areas. Should one opt for a jaunt in the rural countryside, however, the costs could work out to be up to four times less! Consumption of Jamaican white rum too, is affected by where one happens to be on the island. The cost for a single drink in some obscure bar in the deep rural bears absolutely no resemblance to what obtains in the tourist resort areas, or in nightclubs on a weekend. The difference, usually at least double, has often been likened to night and day.

Similarities exist between the two as well, in that one’s experience of either is dependent, to a large extent, on where one is at the time of having the experience. While having a drink alone in the peace and comfort of one’s home is one thing, having that same drink among friends in a crowded bar, while essentially the same, is actually something quite different. Likewise a trip to Jamaica via the all-inclusive resort deal cannot be compared to being deposited in a rural township. The former is a sanitized thing, not unlike a prison sentence with the visitors barricaded behind walls most of the time, and having virtually no interaction with the locals. In the latter scenario one gets to see the REAL Jamaica. Here, having a beer in a bar with the locals, walking through a field picking and sampling sun ripened fruits from trees, and eating some salt fish with yam roasted on a wood fire, all combine to make a trip to the island truly an experience worthy of writing home about.

There are many more similarities between Jamaica and Jamaican white rum including their uniqueness, competitive prices, and addictive natures. The kicker is that it just so happens they can both be found at the same place. Unfortunately only one can be taken back home!

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