With several successful albums, numerous prestigious awards and a string of successful international appearances, Halie Loren’s star is rising.

For someone still in her early 30s, Halie Loren seems to have been around for a long time and is already a veteran of the international jazz scene. That said, there is a sense that as good as everything is that she’s done so far, there’s still plenty more to come. This is an artist who refuses to rest on her laurels and with each new album looks to break new ground. Her widely acclaimed eighth album ‘Butterfly Blue’ was the 9th best-selling jazz album of 2015 (the year of its release) and was hailed as her most sophisticated, mature, and riskiest to date. Songs from the album formed the playlist for a series of international tours, including her seventh tour of Japan, as well as packed shows across Europe, the US and Canada.

The start of 2017 has been equally busy for Loren, with live performances in Paradise, California, and appearances for Aspen Colorado and the Port au Prince international jazz festival in Haiti, in March. No stranger to the big stage, Loren has made sold-out appearances at Montreal International jazz festival and Rochester festival, to name just two.

The Voice is It

Every successful artist has a unique selling point and in Loren’s case, it is her earthy, graceful, and seductive voice. She cites early influences as Etta James, Joni Mitchell, Patsy Cline, and Sarah McLachlan, singers she grew up listening to from her mother’s record collection at their home in Sitka, Alaska. It was here, in the far-flung north, that Loren made her stage debut aged ten.

Later, the family moved south to Oregon and then, when she finished high school, Loren spent a year in Nashville studying song-writing. She returned to Oregon where she studied art at college and where, in 2006, she released her first album ‘Full Circle’, drawing praise for the power and grace of her voice – features that have since become her trademark.

A multi-talented singer, Loren interprets a wide range of musical genres, including jazz, soul, folk, pop, and blues. What matters more to her and informs her highly original singing style and song-writing is the search for beauty, even in the most painful of experiences.

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